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Locally Owned and Operated Family Business

My name is Randy Tenorio.  My wife Ida and I were born and raised in Albuquerque New Mexico.  We also raised our children here in the Duke City.  We love New Mexico and have had the honor of owning and operating several businesses in this great place we call home.


My background is in sales, and I started in the office supply industry.  Recycling became an important part of this industry, so conducting recycling seminars and being part of Albuquerque’s Recycling Advisory Committee early in my career seemed like the right thing to do, even when recycling wasn’t quite yet popular.  Fast forward many years, we decided to start Scintilla Shredding. Scintilla Shredding is a small, family, locally owned business.


Our background as business owners, as well as in the business environment, gives us an advantage when it comes to managing customer relationships and helping customers.


However, as business owners, we know how important it is to protect the privacy of your employees and your customers, not to mention, you simply cannot afford to risk the security and competitiveness of your own business by casually leaving sensitive documents in a wastebasket. 


When you call Scintilla Shredding, we will provide on-site service using our mobile shredding trucks and we will recycle everything when the job is complete. Certainly, the primary focus of our secure mobile shredding service is to make you feel safe. However, knowing you have protected your employees and clients while making eco-friendly choices, is simply better.



When you use Scintilla Shredding’s On-Site services, there are NO HIDDEN FEES, (i.e. no Environmental Fees, Paper and Fuel Surcharge etc.)   Also, we never require CONTRACTS for any of our paper shredding services!  In addition, we present you with a Certificate of Destruction at time of your shredding service, verifying it has been performed.


Give us a call at 505-252-6187, or use our contact form on this site to set up your commercial or residential paper shredding services. 


We’d love to help!!

Shredded Paper in Waste Basket

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